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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricanes and Earthquakes!

August 27, 2011

What has happened to Virginia? We haven’t had hurricanes in 25 years and an earthquake in 100 years. Don’t hold me these numbers I’m only writing a blog. LOL  As many of you know I don’t like thunderstorms. Before ALS I could dodge the storms by going room to room. Now, I’m sitting in one spot and praying to the good Lord to keep me safe. Thankfully, he has answered my prayers for 18 years. My fear of thunderstorms came from my dear Aunt Margaret. She was so funny when my cousins and I were youngins’. Her house was the place to be except during thunderstorms. We were allowed to continue playing unless the storms became severe. Having 3 little girls under 10 was a handful; I know that now being a Grandma. We were into everything except water a definite no no in a storm. If my aunt had bobbie pins in her hair they’d be out before the next clap of thunder or flash of lighting. My cousins Doris and Kay and I would laugh until we were yelled at to calm down because of the storm. One time I remember being there and the storm was a bad one, that time we had to get in the closet. Looking back we laughed and laughed at the things she made us do during thunderstorms, but now I know it was for our safety. If I had my grandkids during a storm I might make them do the same. My Aunt Margaret passed away at the young age of 57 from complications of diabetes. She still makes Doris, Kay and I laugh when we’re sitting around recalling the wonderful memories of yesterday. Doris and Kay didn’t grow up to be afraid of thunderstorms, but Lulu did…go figure!

The earthquake was something I never thought I’d experience. Those types of things happened on the west coast and beyond. This happened on Sean’s birthday August 23rd  I laugh and said he wanted me to share some of his earthquake experiences with me. A reverse birthday present if you will. LOL I know I posted about June and my experience with the earthquake, but it was so funny I need to put it here. That morning June was doing my laundry and the washer was acting up as it does sometimes. Later that afternoon June and I were watching TV plus I was busy fighting with the computer when all of a sudden she jumped up said WTH?  She took running through the house yelling WTH! WTH!  I could only think of the washer being out of balance. So, I type out on the computer THE WASHER! THE WASHER!  I kept hitting enter so she could hear what I thought. She did go to the basement and came back said the washer isn’t even running. By now I’m laughing because her actions. If you knew June you’d understand my laughter!  Some days we laugh until accidents occur making us laugh harder.  LOL Back to the quake the phones rings and it’s her husband telling us it’s an earthquake. For a minute we took it serious and it was scary! But, when we relieved the event I couldn’t stop laughing. We lost phone service and she was nervous again.  June couldn’t understand why Fred hadn’t call,…well, between the phone being out and him being at work we later found out he DIDN”T FEEL IT!!!!! I know how can that be, but after talking to other people some hadn’t felt it either. Maybe, they thought it was THE WASHER too! LOL So, it’s time to say goodbye to Irene and the earthquake and hope I never experience again! I do pray for the people these events affected and hope their lives return to normal. Do you think it can be?

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